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Electrical Design & Time Control

1: Safety standards on CE or UL.

2: All electrical parts passed CE or ULcertification.

3: Well anti-vibration and lightningprotection measures.

4: Safety lock system

5 Safety door and safety line

6 Safety guard for potential hazardousparts (such as cutters, heavy rolls etc) with warn and safety taps.

7: Emergency stop system to stop machineat any postions.

8: Sequence starting on program

9: Power system and control system areindependent. One route problem not to cause other routes damage.

10: Each route has circuit breakers andrelays for protection, Auto protect at motor over heating.

11: Alarm system

12: Machine starts up only after pressingthe alarmer

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Electrical Design

1:Real full servo design. Each functionunit is controlled by one servo motor, High speed, high efficiency, visioncontrol, intelligent control.

2:Adopt centralized management for powersource and center control. Modular design

3:With full quality inspection system,auto detect and reject defects of spliced, breaking, dirty,metal,materialsmissing,shape,etc.

4: Auto phaser tracking and controlling system

5: Complete producing dates analyzing andrecording. Touch screen operation, Man-machine conversation interface,Graphical manipulation, auto alarm and checking at machine running.

6: Auto web guider for raw material.Adopt double sensors for key positions.

7: Auto servo unwinding with tensioncontrol and auto splicing at high speed running.

8: Sophisticated dates collecting andanalyzing system, auto tracking and recording all producing dates at running.The customer is easy to check all the dates to know the machine status toincrease producing efficiency.

9: Main control system includesmulti-auxiliary branch controls, such as Temperature control, Auto rejectcontrol, Cam control,etc.

10: Combination of internet technologyand control system. The internet control system carries out remote service tofollow industry 4.0.

11Glue is controlled by main machine PLCdirectly, no glue controller.

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Time Control

1:Project responsibility, each section has relative person in charge.

2:Reasonalbeand concise workflow, avoid unwanted steps

3:Standarddesigns and parts, less parts types, try to use standard parts.

4:Accurate drawings, less mistake, try to avoid modify and return.

5:Scientific decompose drawings to each department and steps. Guide all steps ineffective division and cooperation to avoid repeat jobs and chaos.

6:Keep more standard parts in warehouse

7:Complete set of recording producing dates and timely ERP information system,easy to check all steps progress.

8:Quick feedback system to solve the problem timely.

9:Set up good and long relationship with reliable suppliers to ensure timely leadtime and service.

10:Effectiveevaluation system to increase staff positivity to maximum working efficiency.


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