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Quality Control

1: On actual status and industrystandards, lay down different strict quality standards and testing methods.

2:Design accuracy drawings and issuecorrect producing documents.

3: Improve testing equipments andtrain qualified QC.

4:Estabilsh full quality awareness. Anyone of the staff who finds the quality problem should report immediately.

5: Adopt stream line process, rear stepchecks front step quality automatically.

6:Use high precise advanced toolingmachines, assembling equipments and other auxiliary tooling units.

7: Strict control out supplied rawmaterials and parts quality, make quality agreements with reliable suppliers.

8: Quality standard is one of key indexof evaluation.

9: ERP system provide any scientificdates for quality analyzing.

10: Independent of quality department,testing team inspects and test the machine on behalf of customer beforecustomer inspection. And sort out and feed back the found problems or faults torelative department to improve and avoid same problems for future project.

11: System training customer techniciansand operators to run and maintain skilled.

12: Intimated after sales service, set uplong term cooperation with customer to ensure machine reliable running. Humblyaccept customer reasonable feed back and improve ASAP.



Cost Saving

1:Full communicate with customer to discuss all technical points and support areasonable design

2:Pojectmeeting is also to discuss cost management.

3:Standard design to less manufacturing and managing costs.

4:Signe long term strategic agreements with reliable suppliers to low downpurchasing cost.

5:Strengthmanagement, increase efficiency, maximum low down manufacturing cost.

6:Set up assembling factory and service center in some countries and areaes.



Laboratory Test

Laboratory (Part of QC)

To test: Raw materials for machine

             Raw materials for finish products

             Parts precision and quality

             Assembling quality

Some professional inspection institutions provide professional checking. 




1:R&D main jobs:

New technologies developments

Old technologies or old machinesupgrading

Modular designning and Making simplifying to increaseefficiency and save cost.

Customer meeting

After sales service,etc.

2:Over 30 staffs aging between 25-55 withjunior college or above education majoring in mechanical design, automatic control,electronic  materials engineer and relatives.

3: The team is run by chief engineer.Daily works are arranged on project control system. The best designs areconfirmed in possible shortest time by high efficiency of division&cooperation and valid combination.

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