60,000m2 built-up area


40,000m2standard workshop

20,000m2Living area: Dormitory, Canteen, Amusement Center ,Mini supermarket

40,000m2 New applying space




170experienced technicians.

130sets of advanced tooling and testing units

90%self-made mechanical parts

50sets of machines per year.







Standard design

Decrease parts type

Simplify making process

Increase efficiency

Lessen making time

Reduce cost

Increase machine reliability and capacity

Simplify operation and maintenance

Base for systematic management and merit system

lBlock frame lParts generalization lParts tokenization lElectrical modularization lFunction modularization lProcess specialization lProgrammed test Operation humanization

Lean Making


On the principal of projectresponsibility and standardization.

Try to arrange making in producing line

Minimize the making steps

Minimize the stock

Find and solve on-site problems timely.

Minimize repeated problems

Guarantee parts quality

Guarantee assembling precision

Guarantee timely delivery

5SField control







ERP System

ERP all in one information system

Heavy employed consultant company and managing software design company to work out a special electronic manage system based on our company actual status.After some years testing and improving, the system is approaching perfect day by day. The result is better than we expected.

1Real time input and record all kinds of producing dates. Company has real meaning of information management

2Easy search and count all dates to learn process and quality, Timely find and solve the field problems.

3Supply scientific dates for cost controlling and performances evaluation.

4Standard dates and tables accelerate company professional operation. 


Performances evaluation:


1:Strategy:Transmit and carry out companydevelopment strategy and operation objectives, increase efficiency andpositivity.

2:Management:Improve management in scientific andstandard process. Unfairly justify staff performance and contribution. Providebasis to human resources for promotion,training,motivation andetc. Life staff moral and satisfaction. Build up company solidarity.

3.Exploitation:Find out staff advantages anddisadvantages, Lay down relative regulations to improve staff knowledge, skillsand quality, exploit staff potentiality.


1 Publicity:All examined staffs should know theevaluation workflow, methods, standards and results, all details are intransparency.

2 Equity:Use the same standards for the samepositions staffs.

3 Justice:Evaluate on the base of dates and facts,but not on subjective assumption or personal emotion.

4 Severity:Clear standards, Rigid regulations andworkflow

5 Positive motivation:Facilitate company and staff grow, thepurpose is not for award and penalty.

6 Two-way communication: Theevaluated results should be feed back to the examined staff personal andtwo-way communication or interview is necessary. Approve the examined staffachievements and progress, also point out the shortage and future demands. 

MERIT System


To maximize exploit staff internal talentto achieve :Make the best, do the best.

Smooth staff position promotion channel,every aspiring staff can grow with the company.

Training system to increase staff knowledges,skill and quality to improve company managingefficiency and core competence.


1: Fair, just and open internalrecruitment or competition system and promoted or demoted employmentimplementation.

2: Personality, ability and achievements:To assess any staff, all of his or her personal characteristics and morality,skill and ability,

  working outcomes and results should be considered.

3: Combination of system layout andpersonal plan

4: Long term development and progressiveexploitation.

5: The consistent goals of companydeveloping and talent structure and dynamic adjustment. 

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