Good cooperation

Long term strategic cooperation, it is not one time buy and sell

Customer first

Set up service department and issue service regulations. Bring the installing team into service department.

Self inspection

Before customer inspection, our service department should have self-testing on the set standards and customers special requirements.

Customer inspection

We should notify the customer to come to our plant for inspection at least 15 days in advance. All testing raw materials and relative receptions are prepared to guarantee quick and satisfied inspection.

System training

During machine making and testing, the customer should send their engineers or technicians to our factory for systemic training to know all details of machine design, parts, operation., maintenance, raw materials, products quality and even management.

Installing and debugging

We should send capable technicians to customer plant for installation and short time training. Usually the sent technicians are the same person who were involved in the testing at our plant.

Skillful operators

If some customer needs, we can searchskillful operating or managing technicians for 3 months to some years.


Parts supplying.

Enough free easy worn spare parts areshipped with the machine. These parts can be used for at least 1 year if theoperators keeps good maintenance on the machine. We suggest customer to keepsafety inventory. Our warehouse keeps enough standard parts for timely service,for special parts, we should arrange first.


After sales service

Guarantee 1 year, all life service.Easily to keep in contact by instant message, My engineer can connect by remotecontrol to check machine running status. Our partner or our engineer will tripto customer plant to have site visit.


Service network

Establish partnership with localtechnicians and consultants, Set up assembling factory or service center insome countries or areas.


Service records

Build up detail records for everycustomer and every machine from design, making, installation and each timeservicing.



Pleasure to discuss all relative topics:Such as raw materials selection, plant layout, management, promotion, products upgrades,etc.

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