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Technology Advantages

1:Supply dormitory or apartment

Now about 400 peoples in our companyliving quarters. Some living in the apartment with their family.

2: Low consumption restaurant. Companysupports allowances and subsidies.

3: Provide places for amusement andsports. Always organize healthy competitions and activities. Every year

4: Strict implementation of the salaryand welfare system. Carry on insurance and house bonding. Provide free annualphysical body checking.

5: Strict compliance with national laborlaws. Offer bonus or gifts or meals in Festive. Statutory payroll in Festive oncountry regulations.

6: Participate in public benefitactivities, undertake relative social responsibility.

7: Set up good relationships with nearbyschools and support donation to free worry of staff kids education.

8: Sign long term agreements with somereliable hospitals for convenient staff to see a doctor.

9: Set up good relationships withgovernment, organization and association to create an easy environment.

10: Set up good relationships withuniversities or colleagues,consultants, technical teams and talents formanaging and technical supporting.

11: Systemic training staffs and providestudying platform, improve staff quality and skills for better future.



Frame is the base to carry all parts on.

Real module design, each modules connected after processed

Plate thk:30mmRight angle thk 20mmHarshness1.6mm,Bolt connection 

Skeleton made of welded 60*60 square steels lWelded base 

Stress elimination process on skeleton welding to overcome the materials tension to improve the frame and material integrity. 

Seamless connection and fastening, the error of single plate ≤0.3mm. 

The cumulative error of complete frame 0.5mm. 

All structures are processed by grantry CNC to avoid plate deformation after heating.

Plates six-sides processing, connecting and fastening by bolt,

 the error of single plate ≤0.3mm.

 The cumulative error of complete

 frame 0.5mm.

All plates holes and bearing positions are processed by grantry CNC to less the cumulative error and avoid plat deformation. Each rack lead 0.3mm. , Chassis level 0.3mm. Plate flatness 0.3mm



Mechanical Parts Processing

MechanicalParts Manufacturing

130sets advanced tooling and testing equipments.

JapaneseHorizontal and Vertical CNC machines

Japaneselaser cut machine

High-gradecylindrical grinder



Dynamicbalance detector


3Dcoordinates measuring instrument

Ensurequality and time

3shifts working

90%mechanical parts are self-made

Meetover 50 sets machines capacity

Standardparts are supplied from those professional reliable manufacturers.

Somekey parts are imported from Japan or USA or Europe.




Parts Processing

1:Allthe parts drawings have marks of all sizes,materials,tolerance,etc.

2:Strictregulations to choose raw materials, process steps, precision control, safety operation,etc.

3:Strict quality inspection to find the mistake timely

4: Any default part is not allowed topass to next assembling steps.  





Fluff Formning

Corrosion mesh, open rate(Untreated) 67%, Sintering process to increase structural strength and keep the same open rate. The mesh can reduce the loss of SAP and probability of plugging 

Pocket plates are made of #304 stainless steel to reduce the SAP impact caused by wear and tear, life is much longer than aluminum

Laser cut, high precise design, arc stamping stereotypes. 

Independent module design for each product, when mesh damaged, the module pocket can be replacement.






1: Adopting pull-back operation way, theassembly type and quantity are depend on the order requirement, the parts manufacturing sequence and quantity aredepend on the parts requirement, it’s in order to shorten the production cycleand control the product quality and inventory.

2: Try to arrange different assemblingsteps in stream line

3: The next step is the supervisor andquality checker for  previous step. Thetesting team is the final checker for the assembling jobs and part quality

4:Also have very strict workflow andquality standard for assembling.

5: Key parts, such as shape cutting assembly,embossing unit, should be assembled in dust freeair condition room.  The room temperatureis kept at 20+-1°



Assemly&Key Parts

f33.jpg  f32.jpg

f34.jpg  f35.jpg

f36.jpg  f37.jpg



Vacuum conveyor processed by CNC, time belts for vacuum conveyor with short cut to less slippy, increase convey accuracy, reduce phaser error and improve phaser stability 

Feeding roll calibration accuracy 0.08mmInstalled parallelism0.5MM

Integrity debulk convey unit, parts processed by imported laser cut unit in pair, installed surface accuracy0.05mm 

Pin position holes and light universal coupling to ensure stability at high speed running. lExtend tight design of convey roll, accuracy0.15mm.

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