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Inherit the spirit of national craftsman by innovation drive supply side

Established in 1989, Hanwei Machinery specializes in the development, production, sale and service of disposable sanitary products, including infant and adult diapers, infant and adult pull ups, sanitary napkins, women's pants, padding, mattresses, pet pad equipment and related stacker and charters. After nearly three decades of exploration and innovation, it has developed into a leading equipment manufacturer in China.
As a technology-intensive enterprise, research and development is the core of its survival and development. To this end, Hanwei machinery closely tracks the advanced domestic and foreign technologies in the disposable health products industry, and, with the focus on independent innovation, develops a product package marked by independent intellectual property rights. Provide financial guarantee for enterprises to develop and innovate independently, and finally realize effective supply of products.

Hanwei machinery is equipped with a strong research and development team, respectively set up the equipment research and development center, product research and development center, go all out into the enterprise's production and management technology research, new product development, simplified production, improved efficiency, reduced costs, and so on, to drive the supply side innovation. At present, Hanway machinery has a senior mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, debugging engineers and other professional elite more than 90. In order to attract more talents, hanwei machinery and overseas Chinese university, Fuzhou University and many other institutions of higher learning cooperation, the introduction of university graduates, constantly inject fresh blood for enterprises research and development innovation. In addition, Hanway machinery and related academic team, domestic and foreign professional service team, technical consultants, to provide relevant support for the development of enterprises.

Continuous innovation, excellence, in this spirit of craftsman and craftsman, hanwei machinery has owned more than ten invention patents and more than 300 utility models, to ensure the high quality of equipment, high stability, high interest rate and advanced support. Under the leadership of Linbingzheng, chairman of Hanway machinery, in more than 20 years of industry practice, the application of technological innovation to products and production, in line with the pulse of the industry, always on the path of equipment innovation, materials innovation, management innovation. As a result, Hanway machinery has evolved from a low-end model to an advanced business model with high-end models as carriers and after-sales services as the core.
Market competition is human competition. Human-oriented, the spirit of craftsmen to train talent, human care to retain talent, is the key to the success of enterprises, hanwei machinery is committed to promote the development of industrial culture through the promotion of soft power.

In the future, Hanway company will continue to increase the existing foundation, research and development funding, strengthen the construction of research and development design team, so that "Hanway manufacturing" always in the International Technology leading level, to build "a century hanwei."

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